Customer Satisfaction Policy

                        CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY

The main purpose of our “Customer Satisfaction System” is “Improving the Customer Satisfaction”.

To accomplish this, we are committed to:

Ø Let our customers transmit their complaints, requests and expectations easily,

Ø Let the permanent improvements that we have obtained integrate to our systems and processes, and evaluate the requests in a transparent manner,

Ø Let our customers increase their satisfaction by forwarding the result of their requests and developments as soon as possible,

Ø Let Customer Satisfaction Policy be explained, assimilated, appropriated, and sustained  to all employees of our company.

Ø Let all our resources meet customer demands and convert these demands to “customer satisfaction" with our experience and our customer-oriented service.

Ø Let the statutory and regulatory provisions be complied while creating the handling process, policy and targets of the requests. 



General Manager